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The World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island is a tiny oasis in the Tasman Sea, 700km northeast of Sydney. With 70% of the Island completely protected in a Permanent Park Preserve and a Marine Park surrounding the island, Lord Howe offers a unique opportunity to observe ecological diversity and abundance, so long lost to much of the planet.

No one is more qualified to help you explore and appreciate the flora, fauna, geology, history and conservation of this special place than world-renowned naturalist, Ian Hutton. Having lived and studied on the Island for over four decades and worked with universities, museums and filmmakers from around the world, Ian enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with visitors to the Island.

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The wild winter winds have blown over this rare visitor Wood sandpiper, they breed in Northern Europe and Asia and winter in Africa, Asia and Australia #shorebirds #migratorybirds #birds #birdsofinstagram #birdphotography #lordhoweisland
Twelve months ago on the island of Noss off Shetland enjoying the puffins #Scotland #Noss #shetlands #puffins #seabirds #nikonz9
Sun setting behind Mount Eliza #lordhoweisland #sunset #landscapes #landscapephotography #worldheritage #island #light
Evocative mid winter sun casts long afternoon shadows #lordhoweisland #shadows #drone #mavic3 #island #aerial #worldheritage @lotdhowe -tours
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