Marine Life Trips & Talks

Dive into an internationally significant marine ecosystem

The wonders of Lord Howe Island do not end at the shoreline. Our marine life trips and talks explore what lies within the 460 km2 of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

The Island boasts the most southerly coral reef, home to a great diversity of creatures. There are over 500 fish species, including the Double Header Wrasse (Coris bulbifrons) and McCulloch’s Clownfish (Amphiprion mccullochi) which are unique to these waters. Around 70 echinoderm species (starfish, urchins and their cousins), hundreds of mollusc species (snails, slugs and bivalves) and hundreds of other species such as crustaceans and worms all call Lord Howe Marine Park home.

It’s amazing but you can experience the richness of marine lives without having to submerge into the ocean. Ian’s most popular and longest running Low Tide Reef Walk will open your eyes and give you a very memorable experience. If the tour is on offer, grab it because not every tourist is lucky enough to be on the island at a time suitable for a Low Tide Reef Walk.

Day Trip

Low Tide Reef Walk

One of our most popular tours, Low Tide Reef Walks are planned on an ad hoc basis, dependent on weather and the low...



Marine Life of Lord Howe

Recognise and understand Lord Howe Island’s marine life Join renowned naturalist, photographer and part-time museum curator Ian Hutton at the Lord Howe Island...