Birds of Lord Howe

Recognise and understand Lord Howe Island’s birdlife

Join renowned naturalist, photographer and part-time museum curator Ian Hutton at the Lord Howe Island Museum for a one-hour presentation on the incredible birdlife found on the Island. It’s a great way to get acquainted before setting out on bushwalks or birdwatching trips.

A long-time researcher and recorder of local birdlife, Ian shares his stories and photographs to give you an overview of the Island’s incredible avian array. He takes you through the 17 species of landbirds currently residing on the Island. Sadly, he tells you the tales of extinction for those birds no longer with us and more happily relates the Woodhen’s rescue story.

Moving on to seabirds, Ian gives you a detailed look at the 14 species of seabirds breeding on the Island, how they have adapted to life at sea, their behaviour, how and when they breed.

To finish, Ian shares some hints on where to find birdlife each season and the best locations for viewing.



Lecture Dates

Date Start Time Availability Price
20 Jun 2024 5.30pm 18 $25.00 Book Now

Ian's Gallery

Stunning early winter afternoon glow on the mountains #lordhoweisland #sunset #mountains #island #landscapephotography #drone #awesome
There are still quite a few young Red-tailed tropicbirds around #lordhoweisland #seabirds #tropicbirds #nature #naturephotography #worldheritage #birds
Found one of my favourite sea slugs the Black Cyerce, and there were two juveniles with it #lordhoweisland #seaslug #islandlife #nature #olympustough #naturephotography #naturesjewels #lordhoweislandmarinepark
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