Lord Howe In A Nutshell

Get an expert overview of the history, geology and life of Lord Howe Island

For the best way to begin your holiday on Lord Howe Island or to recap what you have learned from your own exploration, join Ian Hutton for this island overview lecture at the Lord Howe Island Museum. A renowned naturalist, photographer and part-time museum curator, Ian summarises his observations and discoveries of 40 years into an easy-to-digest one-hour lecture.

In a stunning visual presentation, making liberal use of Ian’s incredible collection of photographs, you will learn much about the islands’ geologic origins, flora, fauna, evolution stories and landscape.

Ian then provides a brief history of the island, from discovery, through settlement, the kentia palm industry and the advent of tourism. This leads to an overview of the massive local conservation efforts that has preserved and protected the beauty of the Island. Ian walks you through the milestones achieve thus far and updates you on current programs such as weed and rodent eradication.

You will leave the lecture room with deeper understanding and more profound appreciation of this World Heritage listed island.



Lecture Dates

There are currently no scheduled dates for this lecture. If you are a group of 8 or more people or you want a private lecture, please contact us.


Ian's Gallery

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Twelve months ago on the island of Noss off Shetland enjoying the puffins #Scotland #Noss #shetlands #puffins #seabirds #nikonz9
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