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Our guided multi-day tours are the perfect way to truly get to know Lord Howe Island. Ian Hutton began running these special interest tours over 30 years ago as a way to share his wealth of knowledge and deep passion for the Island and the many creatures who call it home. As he continues to learn about the Island, its wildlife and what needs to be done to save this special place, these multi-day tours have evolved and matured.

Bush Regeneration EcoTour

Ian Hutton has been running the Bush Regeneration Ecotours on Lord Howe Island since 1995, allowing visitors to combine conservation and environmental volunteering...



Lord Howe Island is a bird watching paradise! With 238 recorded species of permanent and migratory birds, many only found on this Island,...



Lord Howe Island is a walker’s paradise, with a network of well-maintained bushwalking tracks allowing you to explore diverse habitats, thronging seabird colonies...


The Wildlife Tour

Lord Howe Island is a wildlife’s paradise. Imagine this: the very unique Providence Petrels come down to check on you, Black Noddies that...


Ian's Gallery

There was quite a lot of interest in my last post. Here some more drone images of the coral with low tides. Our coral is in trouble… hottest summer, highest water temperature ever recorded, bleaching and now this stress of being exposed high and dry for hours; a wake up call for all on Climate Change #lordhoweisland #coralreef #coralbleaching #lagoon #lowtide #lordhoweislandmarinepark #worldheritage #dronephotography #coral #naturephotography @lordhowe-tours.com.au
Extraordinary low tides this week with new moon and a sea level anomaly; so much coral exposed #lordhoweisland #coralreef #coral #lowtide #drone #island #worldheritage #lordhoweislandmarinepark #naturephotography
Sydney Harbour sunrise #sydney #visitnsw #sunrise #harbourcity
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