Birdwatching Day Trip

Discover the joys of birdwatching. Take home amazing photographs.

Spend a half day birdwatching with naturalist and photographer Ian Hutton and discover the incredible birdlife of Lord Howe Island. He will take you to the best spots for the best bird experience depending on the seasons and bird activities.

Seabirds come and go through the seasons, but they are always a dramatic sight on Lord Howe. You may see the awkward landings that make Muttonbirds so amusing, marvel at the aerial courtship of the rare Providence Petrel, spot Black Noddies, Sooty Terns and Grey Ternlets, view the waders that visit the Island every summer, or have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph courting Red-tailed tropic birds. Every trip offers a new and different perspective.

As a gifted photographer, Ian is happy to share his tips and tricks and ensures there is always plenty of photographic time and opportunities. Expect to go home with a spectacular record of the Island’s birdlife.




Tour Dates

There are currently no scheduled dates for this tour. Trip days and times will be published on this website and advertised at the Visitor Centre once available. Please check back regularly or send us an enquiry.


Ian's Gallery

Stunning early winter afternoon glow on the mountains #lordhoweisland #sunset #mountains #island #landscapephotography #drone #awesome
There are still quite a few young Red-tailed tropicbirds around #lordhoweisland #seabirds #tropicbirds #nature #naturephotography #worldheritage #birds
Found one of my favourite sea slugs the Black Cyerce, and there were two juveniles with it #lordhoweisland #seaslug #islandlife #nature #olympustough #naturephotography #naturesjewels #lordhoweislandmarinepark
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