Lord Howe Island Bushwalking Trips

Discover a walker’s paradise

Lord Howe Island is made for walkers and our bushwalking trips take full advantage of the complex network of walking tracks that weave their way throughout the diverse habitats on the Island; many providing stunning island views along the way.

With tracks graded from easy hikes in the lowlands, right up to the 9-hour climb to the summit of Mt Gower, the Island has walks to suit every level of fitness. Explore lowland forests, 875m tall rainforest clad mountains, the world’s most southerly coral reef and thronging seabird colonies.

There is so much to see and explore and it’s all packed into an Island only 11km long and 2km wide making it perfect for discovery on foot.

In addition to knowledge shared by Ian in guided walks and lectures about the geology, birds, plants and the marine environment of the Island, bushwalking tours are packed with additional delights such as “mystery” walks to tracks and areas less visited by general tourists, “discovery” walks at night to look for nocturnal animals at beach or in bush.

Multi-day Tour


Lord Howe Island is a walker’s paradise, with a network of well-maintained bushwalking tracks allowing you to explore diverse habitats, thronging seabird colonies...


Multi-day Tour

The Wildlife Tour

Lord Howe Island is a wildlife’s paradise. Imagine this: the very unique Providence Petrels come down to check on you, Black Noddies that...


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The wild winter winds have blown over this rare visitor Wood sandpiper, they breed in Northern Europe and Asia and winter in Africa, Asia and Australia #shorebirds #migratorybirds #birds #birdsofinstagram #birdphotography #lordhoweisland
Twelve months ago on the island of Noss off Shetland enjoying the puffins #Scotland #Noss #shetlands #puffins #seabirds #nikonz9
Sun setting behind Mount Eliza #lordhoweisland #sunset #landscapes #landscapephotography #worldheritage #island #light @lordhowe.tours
Evocative mid winter sun casts long afternoon shadows #lordhoweisland #shadows #drone #mavic3 #island #aerial #worldheritage @lotdhowe -tours
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