Lord Howe Island Birdlife Trips and Talks

Discover Australia's premier birdwatching destination

Lord Howe Island has 238 recorded species of permanent and migratory bird species, some endemic to the island. You will be amused by the awkward landing of the Muttonbirds and amazed at the aerial courtship of one of the world’s rarest birds, the Providence Petrel. The fairy-tale looking White terns capture many tourists’ hearts and the unassuming Woodhens are in most first-time visitors’ minds.

As a naturalist and photographer Ian Hutton has always been drawn to the birds of Lord Howe. He has produced some of the most popular bird photos that tourists take home for their walls. As a tour guide, Ian knows the best (and some “secret”) spots for the serious (and occasional) birdwatchers, whether for a once-in-lifetime photo shot of courting Red-tailed tropic birds, or for a glimpse of the shy, rarely seen Little Shearwaters.

Seabirds come and go through the seasons, and have different times of raising chicks. A private tour or a day trip of birds of Lord Howe will give you a great experience on what the Island birds are doing on that day. For bird lovers with a bit more time, Ian leads a week-long bird watching tour in the months when you can see the most birds on the Island.

Many Lord Howe Island birds are easy to approach and curious. Don’t be surprised if you end up with hundreds of photos on your mobile phone of a mother feeding her chicks, Sooty terns on the sand, White tern on the Norfolk Pine, Black noddies on their nests…

Day Trip

Birdwatching Day Trip

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Birds of Lord Howe

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Multi-day Tour


Lord Howe Island is a bird watching paradise! With 238 recorded species of permanent and migratory birds, many only found on this Island,...