Lord Howe Island – Jewel of the Pacific

Lord Howe Island –
Jewel of the Pacific


In 1982 a tiny crescent of land 700km from Sydney became Australia’s first World Heritage Island.

Lord Howe Island is still one of the most important landscapes on earth, a treasure trove of plants and animals found nowhere else.

This superb film captures all the natural drama of a year in the life of he Island, from the chaos of the nesting seabirds to the vivid colours of the world’s most southerly coral reef.

We explore the history of the Island and the tragedy of its exploration. And we join in the modern day struggle to preserve the unique values which have survived. This struggle is exemplified by the Woodhen, a flightless bird native to Lord Howe Island, which was brought back from the brink of extinction.

Today Lord Howe Island is an environmental success story. It demonstrates that at least in one corner of the world, humans can find harmony with nature.

Director/Producer: Scott Lambert
Cameraman: Roy McGuiness
Location Consultant: Ian Hutton
Running time: 52 minutes

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