Make the most of your stay on World Heritage Lord Howe Island – arrange a private tour with Island Naturalist Ian Hutton.

To make the most of your stay on World Heritage Lord Howe Island, arrange a private day or half-day tour. From the microscopic to the gargantuan, I can show you the many secrets of the island that very few people get to see.

Islands are special places that capture something in the imagination of all people. Many islands in the world have turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and verdant forest clad mountain slopes, but very few have the charm of Lord Howe Island.

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Find out about tours on offer exploring the island and its flora, fauna and marine life through day tours, private tours and special week-long tours.

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I have been photographing the island’s landscapes, fauna and flora for almost 40 years, and have written many books about Lord Howe Island.
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Flora and fauna

The biodiversity on Lord Howe Island is extraordinary!
Learn more about the variety and abundance of its flora, fauna, bird life and marine life.

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